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About Manuraj Cellular Services Pvt. Ltd.

The Wireless telecommunications industry has undergone explosive growth and has become global in its scope and ambitions. Spectrum is becoming severely congested. Quality network design is no longer a “nicety”, but rather a necessity. With the New technologies like LTE, 3G, WiMax being introduced, competition is getting severe and the Telecommunications Industry is looking for simpler, cost effective and innovative ways to maintain the Networks.

Manuraj Cellular Services was formed in 2015 and is primarily engaged in providing RF services and in building solutions to OEM’s, NEM’s and Telecom Operators.

We provide independent third party RF exposure assessments for occupants in commercial and residential buildings. With our Narda Selective Radiation Meter (SRM 3006), we assess a frequency range from 29 MHz to 6 GHz with one instrument.

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